About World Fusion Wisdom

Wisdom is a journey. This site is about that journey.

This site, of course, expresses my own personal journey. I am no sage, but I have learned that my journey intersects with other people’s journeys to wisdom and that the more I can connect with other people and their journeys, the more my own journey through life is enhanced.

I am a PhD philosopher. I have taught philosophy in higher education since 1998. In work and life, I love ideas, creativity, passion, and different cultures. Since 2003, I have expressed the musical side of creativity, passion, and different cultures through my Internet radio station WorldFusionRadio.com. Through World Fusion Radio I  explore, discover, and share music from around the world. Now, I extend that searching spirit to philosophy and will explore, discover, and share wisdom from around the world.

WorldFusionWisdom.com consists of five categories.

  • The Gem Hunter collects short thoughts, mining gems of wisdom from around the world. Most of these gems will be short quotes shared in graphic form.
  • The Quest for Understanding holds more in-depth thoughts from academic philosophy. Philosophy is about questions. Only fools believe they have all the answers.
  • Reimagining Life is commentaries on popular culture and everyday life. These posts will dissect those aspects of culture we take for granted and try to find better ways for us to live.
  • Farscape contains philosophical ruminations about the greatest science fiction show ever. Farscape is great because of its intelligence, innovation, and willingness to go beyond the cliches.
  • World Fusion Radio is the new home for information about my Internet radio station WorldFusionRadio.com and the artists I play there.

Please enjoy and contribute to the site. I hope that this site can inspire thoughts and conversation about important issues.  Please send along your suggestions. I invite comments and open discussion on the posts. I welcome spirited conversations, but not spam, trolling, or personal attacks. All comments will be moderated.

To function properly, this site may set cookies on your browser but in as minimal a way as possible. No personal information will be collected from you because, no offense, I am interested in your ideas, not in you. 🙂


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