Open Letter to Those Protesting Trump

Open Letter to Those Protesting Trump

Open Letter to Those Protesting Trump

If you are angry about Trump and what he does, good, that means you have at least some ethical capacity.

But what have you DONE to make the world a better place? And don’t say, you attended protests or posted your anger online. That only made you feel better about yourself, that’s all.

  • Are you against Trump’s treatment of immigrants? Then DO something to help immigrants and refugees.
  • Are you against Trump’s stance on women? Then DO something to improve the lives of women everywhere.
  • Are you against Trump’s environmental policies? Then DO something to help organizations that act to protect the environment.
  • Are you against Trump’s roll back of protections for workers? Then DO something to help labor unions organize to protect workers.
  • Are you against Trump acting like a crude big baby? Then don’t lower yourself to his level by posting stupid memes or chanting stupid slogans.

Anger is an energy, but unless you use that anger to DO something positive with your anger, you are just wasting your energy.

The choice is yours:

  1. Join the right-wingers in being angry, immature name-callers


  1. Act to create a better world


Here’s hoping that you all choose option two. Seriously, creating a better world is the best way to fight right-wingers like Trump.

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