The Internet Generation

The Internet Generation

“The last generation didn’t have the Internet, the most powerful tool ever created by humanity, so they know it’s value. We used to have to go the library and research for hours to get an answer to a simple question. I find it shocking and absurd that most of the new generation, with infinite power at their fingertips, choose to use this tool to brag about how cool they are, watch stupid videos, and argue. They can literally learn anything they want, anytime, but choose to use it to get dumber. It blows my mind.”

– Don Freeman

I love this quote and think it is so true. It isn’t just the younger generation that throws away the opportunities the Internet gives them, but they are definitely the worst offenders. For every Web site that offers knowledge and meaning there are dozens offering celebrity gossip, “shocking” photos,” and other nonsense. At least once a week I run across a new site that is filled with empty content under sensational headlines. The tabloid newspaper mentality has taken over the Internet generation. Video sites are vast wastelands of inane vacuousness. Accumulator sites are swamps of crossposting and trolls.

This seems to be what so many people want from the Internet: not knowledge but stupidity that will fill their time. It is mind-blowing and just plain sad. I can see wanting to relax for a bit, take your mind off things, but the Internet offers so much quality content that can edify you without insulting your intelligence. The Internet generation will benefit by closing Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, and other such sites and opening and exploring the vast array of knowledge at their fingertips.

At a time when the freedom to use the Internet is under threat, we need to not only take advantage of all that it has to offer, we need to defend Net Neutrality of all present and future generations.

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