The Radiant Aeryn Sun, Farscape’s Pivotal Character

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2 thoughts on “The Radiant Aeryn Sun, Farscape’s Pivotal Character

  • 6 October, 2018 at 00:03

    If there was no Aeryn; no love story, they might have had John do the “Kirk routine” and that would not have been the same show that we’ve come to love. John needs Aeryn as much as Aeryn needs John. All of John’s decisions are based on Aeryn. Even without her on Moya the decisions he made were based on him being without her, drinking, wormhole obsession, etc. All the other characters were important but pivotal to John is always Aeryn. His constant, his guide, remember he will do anything with regards to her and he chose to stay in space to be with her. As Kemper said, it’s always about the girl and you’re always gonna choose the girl. She became the more that both men who loved her said she could be. I would love to see her as the mother and wife she becomes in PKW.

    • 6 October, 2018 at 14:05

      Thank you, Patricia! Great comment. You bring up a dimension I have not thought enough about: how Farscape portrays the love story between Aeryn and Crichton and how central that is to the grand story arc. I have long known it wasn’t all about wormholes 😉

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